Work at height management

ALTIUS considers Work at Height Management as a way to increase the planning process of your operations, to decrease the number of your accidents, to comply with the law and to boost the performance of your company.

To achieve these objectives, we believe that applying standard rules is not enough. Our Work at Height Management program has designed specific tools to help you to fulfil this aim.

We cast those tools into four categories :


ALTIUS works with you in France, in Switzerland and worldwide.

Work at height management tools


Diagnosis Normative audit: Collective protections, anchors, WAH PPE
Operators' skills evaluation
Risk analysis for work at height
Operational tools Audit: field experience and safety behavior
Recommendations on equipment, training and management
Integrating your Work at Height Management System into International Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSHAS ISO MASE)
Access at height monitoring
Anchors and PPE checking
Cost estimate
Safety at height standard writing
Geek tools Communication material
Teaching tools and / or e-learning
Spicy tools Safety days
Safety at height procedures operational test on site
Evacuation team operational test on site
Managers coaching for safety at height
Managing safety at height on one of your site